Make-up for missed classes need 24 hour advance email notice.

If your child will miss a class due to vacations, sickness or personal reasons, please Email us 24 hours in advance.

You can inform us by sending an email to your branch or create a support ticket.

A make-up class will only be provided with a 24 hour advance notice email or support ticket.

We will try our best to accommodate you, but make-ups are not guaranteed. No refunds or credits will be given for missed classes.

Make-ups and Class cancellation cannot be done on the phone. 

We do not have the manpower to do Makeups over the Phone. Emailing the center is the only way to schedule makeups. We enforce this policy to keep our prices low. 

Make-ups need to be confirmed. 

Once we respond to your support ticket with makeup options. You must confirm so that we can add your child to our scheduling system. Makeups are not final till then. Therefore your prompt response is appreciated. Please allow enough time for our staff to add your child to the scheduling system. 

No Make-ups for No Shows.

If your child does not show up for class without canceling 24 hours in advance, No make-up class will be given.